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Character Education

Character Education sets a campus climate that builds confidence and reminds students that everyone is special and possesses unique talents. Hallettsville Elementary utilizes Character Education activities to help elementary students acquire valuable character traits. Lessons are designed to help students start or continue on the track of enhancing character development.

HES students will learn about principles that include: how to treat our school family, friends and family members. Through active engagement, students will develop brainstorming processes, listening skills and conflict resolution. During the school year, we focus on the following concepts:

Kindness – Compassionate, Helpful & Accepting
Courage- Do what is Honorable
Self Control – Disciplined in Thoughts, Feelings & Actions
Responsibility- Accountable for Actions & Attitudes
Respect- Respecting Rules and Property
Diligence- Setting Goals & Giving 100% Effort
Service – Citizenship & Loyalty
Honesty- Truthful & Willing to Admit Mistakes
Leadership & Teamwork- Guide by Example & Encourage Others