Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program (LEAP)

Hallettsville Elementary School (HES) encourages students to become independent and abstract thinkers.  HES has developed LEAP (Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program) for 3rd and 4th grade students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented.  LEAP students will meet on Fridays during their scheduled intervention period.  Third grade LEAP students will meet with Mrs. Janak and 4th grade LEAP students will meet with Mr. Harris.

The use of accelerated and enriched content exposes students to knowledge and skills that connect with their mental, rather than chronological, age.  The program utilizes teaching strategies and learning experiences that require higher-order thought processes and encourage the use of resources beyond those reserved for their age or grade level.  Students are guided throughout their learning to move from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge.  Your child will be encouraged to develop skills in creative/critical thinking, problem-solving, self-directed and independent learning, as well as written and oral communication.

HES will use the Texas Performance Standard Projects from the Texas Education Agency  as a resource for LEAP. You may find more information about Texas Performance Standards Projects online at, http://www.texaspsp.org/.  Instruction will be project based and will promote independent learning and thinking, group collaboration, research in multiple content areas, individuality and creativity.

As parents/guardians you can stimulate discussion by asking your child about the projects he/she is working on in LEAP.  Student projects will be ongoing over a period of time.  LEAP students will be given opportunities to share and display their projects with peers. We are looking forward to an exciting year full of fun and exploration.  

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding LEAP or your child’s progress.  

Jason Harris, Principal


Ginny Janak, Assistant Principal